Insert Awkward Introductory Blog Title Here.


So. This is a bit awkward.

Is it actually possible to write the awful introductory “hello my name is Rachel and welcome to my blog!” post without sounding like a complete idiot?

Because, well, my name is Rachel. And this is my blog. But it would be a whole lot easier if I could skip to the part a few months down the line when this blog will (hopefully) be full of posts and this awkward introductory stage will be long forgotten.

Here goes nothing I guess.

I’m 21. I was a student until about three weeks ago and now I am utilising my degree to practise being professionally lazy. I like travelling. I really like volunteering while travelling (to be honest with you, I’ve never really travelled any other way). I’m not here to tell you that voluntourism is the best thing everrrrrr and you have to try it right now or you’re an awful person. I’m certainly not going to write about it all the time; while volunteering is my big passion, both home and abroad, there are a million more travel adventures I can’t wait to have and I’m not here to work as some kind of socially conscious advert. I haven’t been to that many places and I’ve certainly never written a blog before – really, I’m just getting started. It’s a big scary blogging world out there. I just wanted somewhere to write about what I’m doing, somewhere where I can hopefully make a few friends to meet up along the way once I get off my bum, end my student life of constant naps and instant mashed potato sandwiches (food of the gods) and actually get out there and start travelling. I don’t want to make money or have thousands of followers (although if you happen to know of a few thousand people who would happily read the ramblings of an almost-graduate, feel free to send them my way). Realistically, I’m not even sure that anyone will end up reading this, but I’ve been telling myself all through my exams that I would start a travel blog once I was finished with education and so here we are.

Mind, I also told myself that I would give Gossip Girl a try when my exams ended and that didn’t exactly turn out well. Why did I think that was a good idea? Exam insanity can drive you to anything.

Well, that wasn’t so awkward, was it? (Give it a week before I delete this and try again.) Now have a random photo of my last trip to London so that I can pretend this post actually had a purpose:

Big Ben from South Bank


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